About Us


Our Products

We offer different types of products for each room of a home. We design and produce furniture for the living room, bedroom, dining room, office, and study room. We also produce wooden wall decoration furniture and small accessories. Our furniture is available in teak, mahogany and other tropical species of timber. We are continuously looking at creating new designs and diversifying our products while ensuring that we will provide you with consistent top-notch quality products and services in everything we do, from our manufacturing plant to you. 


Core Values

One of the underlying value at The Timberland Furniture is caring for the environment and working as an eco-conscious factory. Because we believe in being eco-friendly,  we utilize the offcuts from the manufacturing process instead of disposing of these leftover raw materials. In every step of our manufacturing process, we strive to be as eco-friendly as possible. We implement the use of water-based paint for the final touches of our furniture.  We design our products in such a way that every piece of wood can be re-used in some way. While some see pieces with curved lines, knots and what others would call imperfections, we see from a different perspective - these are not imperfections, but to us, they are natural, original features, that we try to keep as much as possible. This is what differentiates us from our competitors. We believe that the natural beauty of the wood should not be eliminated and altered.

Our products are produced to be long-lasting. They have been manufactured with minimum waste, as we are trying to do the utmost to protect our natural environment. Additionally,  we always create new designs by using sapwood. Combined with timber, this creates new shapes and contrasting colors, while saving valuable wood. All home and office accessories are counterparts of bigger furniture pieces because of our utilization of offcuts. We use every piece of wood to create something new to aim towards a zero raw material waste furniture manufacturing company. 


Production Process

The Timberland Furniture implements the usage of adequate technology for producing high-quality products via our production process.  According to the nature of our work, our staff, totaling 80 personnel, is divided into four working sections, plus the design section, for a better organization of the process. We are continuously looking at improving and diversifying our techniques and skills from research and our production analysis. 


Prizes and Acknowledgment

Design and Innovation Award - Yangon Lifestyle Furniture Fair, March 2011

Best Award - Yangon Lifestyle Furniture Fair, September 2011

Best Award - Yangon Lifestyle Furniture Fair, March-April 2012

These awards acknowledge our hard work and determination to be the best at what we do and to raise our products and services to meet international requirements and standards. They have cast a huge responsibility on Timberland into putting our best efforts to stand up to our achievements and to be a reliable manufacturer for our customers. 




Timberland, YangonThe Timberland Furniture is located at the corner of Manawhari and Myoma Kyaung Street in Dagon Township, near the U Wisara roundabout. It is very close to the famous Shwe Dagon Pagoda, the symbol of Yangon, at a 5 minute drive from downtown and 10 minute drive from the Port.