The Timberland Furniture, established since 2011, in Yangon, Myanmar, is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the country. At The Timberland Furniture, the raw materials used to produce high quality and clean craftsmanship products are teak, mahogany, and other tropical species of timber, all from rich forests of Myanmar with qualities that satisfy international standards. 

The differentiating factor that gives Timberland Furniture a competitive edge is the company’s vision to take a different path by breaking away from the traditional Burmese design. Our designs are clean, simple, stylish and crisp with very little, natural or no ornaments. We take an innovative approach by creating up to date designs, with clean and natural textures and lines, which contributes to mixing a taste of contemporary and modernism. The Timberland Furniture has earned not only several prizes but also gained wide recognition, substantial market capitalization and a growing number of niche clients.

The underlying value at Timberland is our care for the environment, oriented towards an ecological and environmentally friendly company. At Timberland Furniture, nothing is wasted, every small piece, every small off-parts, finds its way into a great piece of an end product or stored until it meets its use in the manufacturing of another furniture. 

Our products consist of numerous applications and utilization in a household, from all the rooms of the house to the office, accessories and home decoration items. We strive to create new designs every month and to meet our customer's needs by providing personalization and customization. 


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